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Hills, Trees, Ponds . . . . Easy Access . . . . Country Living

Valley Ranch

Valley Ranch is a mix of open rolling pasture and wooded land. A couple of small ponds are part of the subdivision, and there are good roads throughout. Located only 3 miles east of Longview's Loop 281 and in the Hallsville School District, Valley Ranch is prime country real estate.

Some restrictions apply to maintain a quality environment for the neighborhood.


Utility services are provided by Upshur Rural Electric Co-op, Gum Springs Water Supply, and Verizon phones.

While we do our best to provide accurate information about availability of services, sometimes things change. We strongly suggest that you verify the services you require are in fact available to the property you are considering.


Directions: From Longview, take Hwy 80 east outside of Loop 281 for about 3 miles. Go just past Trinity Industries and turn right onto Lansing Switch Road. Some lots are on both sides of Lansing Switch Road but to access the majority of the subdivision, turn right on Cemetery Road and go to Valley Ranch Road. There are several roads that crisscross the subdivision.


Restrictions apply to maintain a quality environment for the neighborhood.


A. No mobile homes, modular or manufactured type housing shall be placed on any Lot.

B. The floor area or area that is enclosed for heating and/or air conditioning (exclusive of porches, garages and storerooms) of any residence shall not be less than 2000 square feet.

C. No Lot shall be used for the dumping or storage of rubbish, trash, debris, surplus soil, rocks, or junk cars.

D. No unlicensed motor vehicles, commercial trucks (except trucks serving specific purposes such as moving vans or trucks bringing building materials to a lot) with a capacity rating in excess of one 1) ton, or commercial trailer shall be stored or parked upon or in front of any Lot.

E. No sheep, goats, chickens or other such small animals may be kept, bred or maintained for any commercial purposes. No hogs or swine of any kind shall be raised, kept or bred on any Lot, and at no time shall there be more than one (1) large animal (such as a horse) per acre of land.

F. No dwelling shall be moved onto or placed on any Lot, with all dwellings to be constructed of new materials on site. All dwellings and accessory structures shall be completed within twelve (12) months of the date of commencement of initial construction.

G. No oil or gas drilling or development operations, refining, quarrying or mining operations of any kind shall be permitted on any Lot, nor shall oil or gas wells, tanks or shafts be permitted on any Lot. No derrick or other similar structure shall be erected, maintained or permitted on any Lot. This section is subject to the rights of any outstanding mineral owners or oil and gas lessees, and the Seller makes no warranty or representations regarding the enforceability of this restriction.

H. Subject to the prior written consent and approval of the Seller, which consent may be withheld within Seller's absolute discretion, a Lot owner may re-subdivide a Lot; provided, that in no event shall any re-subdivision of a Lot result in a density of more than one (1) residence for each two (2) acres of land.

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The broker has assembled this information from materials furnished by the owner and from other sources considered reliable. Any sketches and maps have been prepared for viewing convenience only. Distances and characteristics are approximate and may not have been verified. Additionally, the sketch or map may not show all of the characteristics that affect the property, such as easements, fence lines, roads, etc. Interested parties are advised to investigate to their satisfaction whether the land is suitable for their intended use. We cannot be responsible for errors, omissions, prior sale, withdrawal or change in price.

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